Chat with Becky 3/11

By js, 12 March, 2008, No Comment

Becky Rickly: Hi, Janie–Sorry I was out of contact.  I stepped outside to check on some things and got distracted.  Glad to hear you found some good stuff!
Janie Santoy: yes, I'm excited…
Janie Santoy: I'd like to ask some questions about methodology
Becky Rickly: sure
Janie Santoy: I want to research what is called cyberethnography
Janie Santoy: do you know of anyone good that I should start with?
Becky Rickly: look at the "Digital Writing Research" collection that just came out
Janie Santoy: I not only was glad to find stuff that I could use for my project but it is good for me personally
Becky Rickly: And I think there's a couple article along those lines in the Gurak and Lay book on research in TC
Becky Rickly: Excellent, Janie!
Janie Santoy: I'm wondering, though, about becoming part of this community myself
Janie Santoy: how would that affect the research etc.
Becky Rickly: Beverly Moss and ….another woman I can't recall spoke about that at the recent conf.  You might look at Feminist research methods, too–there's one by Jal (can't recall the article name) which insists ONLY insiders should study a community
Becky Rickly: Ethnographers bcome participant observers, so I don't see why you can't.  THe big question is do the participants know they're being studies
Becky Rickly: studied
Janie Santoy: in fact, I'm thinking that what I have seen (alot of blogs and alot of inactive web sites) is just an indication of the web 2.0 phenomenon; interaction is key as can be seen in these two types
Becky Rickly: absolutlely.  You might even be able to talk about web 2.0 research!
Janie Santoy: yes, was thinking about that (letting them know they are being studied) and I wonder how ethical it is if I don't
Janie Santoy: but their stuff is online and public so the assumption is that others are reading
Janie Santoy: I have to reread the stuff about ethnography too
Becky Rickly: True, but reading and studying are two dif. things, I think.  You might contact the authors
Becky Rickly: :nods.  Clifford Gertz is an oldie/goodie.  But Beverly Moss does really interesting ethnographies
Janie Santoy: I'll look up those names and order that book
Janie Santoy: thanks
Janie Santoy: See you in class…
Becky Rickly: See you!
Becky Rickly: before I forget, I THINK Bill Hart-Davidson did some online ethnography.  But I may have him confused with someone else…..


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