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Janie Santoy: Hi
Janie Santoy: Do you have a minute?
Becky Rickly: Hi, Janie
Becky Rickly: Sure do
Janie Santoy: what did you think of my readings?
Janie Santoy: I hope it wasn't too much
Becky Rickly: I'm still wading through–I'm afraid it's a lot to get through.  You might have to pick and choose what you talk about
Becky Rickly: But they're good background. 
Janie Santoy: Yes, it was difficult trying to find something that would provide the background
Becky Rickly: :Nods
Janie Santoy: CRT really has been built on many shorter pieces but too much to include
Janie Santoy: I am going to concentrate on the first three readings
Becky Rickly: I can understand that.
Becky Rickly: You might email the group to let them know.  \
Janie Santoy: OK. I will
Becky Rickly: I htink it'll be a really good discussion, though.
Janie Santoy: I'm going to concentrate my discussion on the idea of hybridity
Becky Rickly: :nods….that sounds good
Janie Santoy: and how it disrupts the binary
Becky Rickly: Great…I like it
Janie Santoy: Can we set a time to go over my presentation sometime tomorrow?
Becky Rickly: What time would be good for you?  I will be around in the afternoon, I believe
Janie Santoy: I'd like to show you the site I'll be using
Becky Rickly: :nods…that sounds good
Janie Santoy: How about 2 pm
Becky Rickly: That will work for me
Janie Santoy: Can we meet in the MOO so I can test the site
Becky Rickly: Sure–I've got it on my calendar, but if I don't show up, grab me in Yahoo.
Becky Rickly: I'll try to have everything read by then, too
Janie Santoy: OK. I will
Janie Santoy: I also wanted to talk to you about my project
Becky Rickly: Ok.
Janie Santoy: I'm working on a proposal for a study which is almost finished
Janie Santoy: the more I work on it the more mini-studies I come up with
Becky Rickly: :nods
Janie Santoy: My study can really go in a couple of directions
Janie Santoy: Right now I have set it up as a case study
Becky Rickly: :Nods….
Janie Santoy: interviewing two students
Janie Santoy: and reviewing artifacts
Becky Rickly: that sounds very doable
Becky Rickly: but I understand the "layers"
Becky Rickly: I like the very short, indepth idea (case study) though
Janie Santoy: I really also want to do a discourse analysis of  several blogs
Janie Santoy: but I figure that the case study may inform my research question for the discourse analysis
Janie Santoy: maybe doing a pilot study for the discourse analysis
Janie Santoy: then following up that later by interviewing some of the bloggers
Becky Rickly: I'd pick and choose, Janie.  Do the case study for this class, but–right–you can do a more informed discourse analysis after the case study.
Becky Rickly: :nods
Janie Santoy: right. I'm trying to set it up for work later
Becky Rickly: I can see this being almost dissertation length before you are done
Janie Santoy: which is why I thgouth the case study would be a better place to begin
Becky Rickly: :nods….I like that.  You can get some indepth information, recognizing that it's local to these folks
Becky Rickly: but it will give you better ideas in terms of future analysis
Becky Rickly: Right now, you're doing descriptive work.  But this descriptive work will inform subsequent analysis.
Janie Santoy: I'm having a hard time figuring out how to articulate the privacy issue in the case study
Janie Santoy: Cindy Selfe did a piece about digital narratives recently
Janie Santoy: and she wrote the names of the actual people
Janie Santoy: can we do that? just get permission from those who are participating
Janie Santoy: let them know it will not be anonymous?
Becky Rickly: If you do that, you'll need to get their permission.  Cindy's point, I think, was to make the people sort of co-authors.  If you want to persue that angle, you can, but you need to actively includen them in the representation.
Becky Rickly: It can be tricky
Janie Santoy: it would be very difficult to do a case study with only two people and use their artifacts and not identify them
Janie Santoy: Yes, the others were on the byline
Becky Rickly: I'm not 100% sure, but I think personal narratives (ala historiography, etc.) are exempt under IRB.
Becky Rickly: If that's what you want to do (and I think it's fine), you can–just be very up front w/ the folks you're working with, getting permission, and including them in the process.
Janie Santoy: I just want to make sure there isn't any special wording that I should make sure to add to the proposal before I send it out to IRB
Becky Rickly: hmmmm.  I'm honestly not sure about special wording, but I WOULD make it clear that you're getting permission and that you'll be involving the participants in the representation of the research.
Janie Santoy: I'll make my final decision and send you the proposal in the next couple of days
Becky Rickly: That sounds good.  I want to reinforce that I like small and deep for this class.  I think it will give you something you can build on.
Janie Santoy: Great. Thanks.
Janie Santoy: I'll see you tomorrow in the MOO at 2 pm.
Becky Rickly: See you then!  Have a good day after Easter!
Becky Rickly:
Becky Rickly has signed out. (3/24/2008 3:33 PM)


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