MOO with Becky 3/26

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Janie Santoy: Hi
Janie Santoy: Do you have a minute?
Becky Rickly: Hey, Janie.  I do. 
Janie Santoy: I've just emailed you my proposal for the case study
Becky Rickly: I'm reading a creative nonfiction dissertation I'm the outside reader for tonight
Becky Rickly: :nods
Janie Santoy: ah, interesting I bet
Becky Rickly: I just checked mail, and i got it.
Becky Rickly: :nods re: interesting
Janie Santoy: Will you be sending comments to submitting to IRB
Janie Santoy: I put in prelim dates but may need to change them
Becky Rickly: I will.  I can try to get to this tonight, but for sure tomorrow afternoon after meetings
Janie Santoy: and I would also like to know if this will count as medium or large assignment
Janie Santoy: so that I can plan what to do do next
Janie Santoy: I'm afraid that i'm cutting it a bit short for deadlines
Becky Rickly: I think the IRB that others have done is a medium
Becky Rickly: We'll get it through.
Janie Santoy: I decided to include the students in representation
Janie Santoy: and I included 3 levels
Janie Santoy: 1. they comment on / approve the sections in which I mention them
Janie Santoy: 2. they comment on/approve the final draft
Becky Rickly: Ok–If I can think of wording that might help expedite things, I will
Janie Santoy: 3. they will decide if they want to be included as co-authors
Janie Santoy: I wonder how much time, realistically, I need to do all that
Becky Rickly: that works for me.  I hope it works for the IRB folks.  My guess is that the last section won't be of concern to them
Becky Rickly: More than you think. 
Becky Rickly: If I thnk it's good to go, I'll get sigs tomorrow
Becky Rickly: will that work for you?
Janie Santoy: I had planned to do a lit review for the medium assignment
Janie Santoy: sure that would be great
Janie Santoy: but if this will the medium then the report can be the large
Janie Santoy: ?
Becky Rickly: that would work for me if it works for you.
Becky Rickly: you can incorporate a bit of lit review in the final project.
Becky Rickly: I also love the idea of including the participants' voices. 
Janie Santoy: I'm looking forward to starting on it
Becky Rickly: And if you wanted to do it something like your presentation for class–where you actually included YOUR voice–that would be fine, too.  Maybe a metacomment? That might be too much.  And if you don't get it all done, that's fine, too, but I can see something like this being accepted in Computers and COmposition online
Becky Rickly: Rich is on the ed board, I believe, so he could give you more info
Janie Santoy: I'll wait for your feedback if you think I need it
Janie Santoy: Yes, I find that after doing all the research on digital spaces I had to rethink some of my original plans
Becky Rickly: I will let you know tonight or tomorrow after noon if we need to revise and/or if I'm going to get sigs and submit it
Janie Santoy: and I think refelcting on it is important especially for future work
Janie Santoy: Great. Thanks. I'll let you get to your reading…
Janie Santoy: Waves
Becky Rickly: I agree re: reflection.  Ok, back to my diss, but I'll be reading this tonight!
Becky Rickly: :waves


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