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Becky arrives.
Becky waves to Janie
Becky says, "Sorry I'm late; I was holding a horse for the farrier!"
You say, "hi, "
You say, "should we move to the classroom?"
You move to Classrooms (all)
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Becky arrives.
You say, "i'm having some problems with my site"
Becky says, "like what?"
You say, "I got a new computer and my software is different from at the office and at home"
You say, "but I can show you the mockup"
Becky ughs
Becky nods and waits
You share a URL. (
You say, "I was afraid it was going to be too wide"
Becky notes it's not too bad. I'm able to get almost all of it on the screen
You say, "I can change that"
You say, "the problem is I want to code using php"
You say, "so that I don't have to code every single page"
You say, "but that is where I am having problems"
Becky says, "I just clicked on the John Cheever story. It's a bit hard to read in the moo screen."
You say, "but I will figure it out; I can always do it the old fashioned way"
Becky notes that you area WAY ahead using PhP
You say, "OK I can set that up using open in new page"
You say, "I hope that doesn't kick anyone out"
You say, "actually I have a sound file of the story"
You say, "that I was going to play"
You say, "so read and listen at the same time"
Becky just made the story bigger. No worries. How do we get back to your page?
Becky says, "very cool!"
You say, "I just hit the back button"
Becky says, "that worked."
You say, "I wanted to start with a group activity"
You say, "reading the cheever story and discussing race"
You say, "about 10 minutes or so"
Becky says, "that's great. I'm guessing we might not get to everything, but I really like applying what we've read in a dif. context."
You say, "so the issue of counterstorytelling will lead us into the discussion of CRT"
Becky nods….again, I like applying the theory to get to the theory
You say, "I want to concentrate on the question of narrative; if it is effective or not"
Becky nods. That will be a good discussion, methinks
You say, "I know we discussed that a bit already but I want to use the Ortiz reading to focus on that too"
You say, "then I want to move on to the issue of hybridity/mestiza and how effective that is"
Becky says, "Ortiz?"
You say, "I really like how Ortiz makes hybridity very personal"
You say, "yes, that was the third reading; the color me queer …"
Becky says, "Duh. I was looking as the editors, not the authors. "
Becky says, "I like how narrative is problematized by technology, by "other"ness, etc."
You say, "and all three authors use narrative in different ways"
You say, "so I really want to examine that as a methodology"
Becky nods.
You say, "the third topic of discussion would be the Nakamura article"
You say, "and how technology makes the hybrid difficult when discussing identity"
Becky says, "someone…whose name escapes me now, but I'll remember it…did a very very good talk at C's a few years ago–she spoke about how she had to squelch her voice to represent research so that it appeared ethical and "objective". But later, she did research in germany (and she was of Jewish descent, so she had real problems there), and she actually moved toward USING narrative as a part of research"
You say, "I can see how it is difficult but rewarding at the same time"
Becky says, "she read excerpts of her publications, showing how she was unconsciously moving toward a more narrative representation. And finally, she got to the point where she was almost totally narrative/reflective."
You say, "I also want to bring it how we can use it in Tech Comm and if it is a useful strategy for us"
You say, "or how it can become a useful strategy"
Becky says, "I think GOOD narrative is excellent methodology. The problem is when you represent someone else, you end up creating them, often speaking for them, and they may not feel they are represented well"
Becky nods
Becky says, "then we have to consider, ethically, how and in what contexts we CAN "speak" for someone else"
You say, "which is why I think the Ortiz reading is so interesting; they are the story"
You say, "I wonder what their son thought about it, though"
You say, "in a sense it was his story but is was more their voices"
Becky says, "I agree (though there are some that would say this work is "lesser" because of that)"
Becky says, "right, and they DID construct him"
You say, "yes"
Becky says, "(at least initially)"
You say, "and I hope we can discuss the issue of design online and how that constructs/limits identity"
Becky says, "yes. I think it's going to be a full discussion. You may have to rein us in/ redirect us so we can get to some of these key issues"
You say, "those are the major topics"
You say, "and I'll put some of the other points of the readings under some of the major ones"
Becky nods…they are really, really good topics.
Becky says, "I wish we had several weeks to spend on these readings, Janie. They're good."
You say, "I've really uncovered alot of good stuff"
You say, "I'm somewhat discouraged by all this current political rhetoric about "moving beyond race""
Becky nods…it will be hard to focus. I can see you looking at narrative in research as a diss topic, let alone all the other stuff.
You say, "I wanted to bring that in somehow but I think that is a whole conversation unto itself"
Becky says, "it's just that–political rhetoric. The pendulum will swing back, because we simply cannot. We have to understand, to embrace, to listen."
Becky nods sadly
You say, "so basically we will move from one web page to another"
You say, "using the links"
Becky nods
You say, "we can use the rooms for the discussion"
You say, "I'm thinking we can have three small groups to begin"
Becky says, "things are going very slowly for me today. I hope it's not this way tomorrow night"
Becky says, "yes–I don't have recorders there, but we can report back"
Becky says, "Are the links working now?"
You say, "how much time do you want me to take""
You say, "no one else is leading tomorrow right?"
Becky says, "You have the whole class period. I htink you'll need all of it. "
Becky says, "you're it!"
You say, "I was sort of working with that in mind but I wanted to make sure yo didnt have something else planned"
You say, "the assignment also asks us to highlight the main points of the readings for 10 minutes"
Becky says, "nope. I'm looking forward to spending the evening discussing these readings"
You say, "I'm not sure how to work that in, maybe at the end?"
Becky says, "I like ending that way–then the information is "fresh" in our mind."
You say, "Great. I didn't know if the activity would work if I started with the highlights"
You say, "what I was planning on doing is a highlight/reflection type of ending"
Becky nods…that makes sense. It ties things together.
You say, "OK. Aside from getting the code issue worked out…I think I'm ready for it"
You say, "Do you think there is anything else that I should include or make sure not to leave out?"
Becky says, "I don't think so. I like that you're making narrative the theme, and that you're relating all the texts to it. That helps us focus"
You say, "Ok. There is so much here that I know that there's alot I'm not including"
Becky says, "you can't include everything. But the wonderful thing about these readings is that everyone will resonate w/ them, and get something out of them."
You say, "right, that's important"
You say, "thanks for taking the time to discuss this with me, I truly appreciate it"
Becky notes that she's resonated with these.
Janie smiles
Becky says, "you have done all the work, Janie. It promises to be a really great class, and I'm looking forward to it"
You say, "thanks; see you tomorrow"


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