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What a beginning!

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Today started out looking greener and brighter, thus, the need for this blog. More to come…

Chat with Becky 3/11

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Janie Santoy: Hi
Janie Santoy: Have a few minutes?
Becky Rickly: Hey, Janie.  Sure.
Janie Santoy: I have a question about the readings for our discussion day
Becky Rickly: ok….what's the question?
Janie Santoy: do we choose our own focus
Janie Santoy: I'm doing Critical Race theory
Becky Rickly: :nods…you should be giving us something that you have been reading/researching re: alt rhets.
Janie Santoy: so I was thinking of using one essay which defines it
Janie Santoy: especially the alternative methods of analysis/critique which it supports
Becky Rickly: So if I were looking at gender and technology, I'd try to select a few key readings which either define, or problematize, or give us a range of things so we get an idea of the  topic
Becky Rickly: :ndos
Becky Rickly: er, nods
Becky Rickly: You can choose the focus.  But you might situate the readings for us during the class.
Janie Santoy: do you want us to try to do a TC or technology focus too
Becky Rickly: For instance, You might choose to focus on the aanalysis.  You can tell us that.  Or you can give us one analysis article, and one that defines the terrain.
Janie Santoy: alot of CRT is either in legal or education disciplines
Becky Rickly: No–I think critical race theory can be seen as alt. rhet.  I'd situate it, and help us see how it is, then talk abotu your focus.
Becky Rickly: Right.
Becky Rickly: So it's tangential to what we do (discipline), but it's a form of analysis, or a lense through which to look at things
Janie Santoy: right
Becky Rickly: makes perfect sense to me
Janie Santoy: ok, I have compiled alot of different ones now I just have to choose
Janie Santoy: let me ask a technical question
Becky Rickly: You might, in your discussion, show us where it's normally situated, or how big it is.  But then justify your focus, your choices. 
Becky Rickly: Fire
Janie Santoy: when you make copies of books and present them as PDF
Janie Santoy: how do you do that?
Becky Rickly: well, we're only allowed to use a small portion–not the whole book.  But we use a scanner to make PDFs of the files
Becky Rickly: So we can scan in the book and/or a copy of the book
Becky Rickly: Do you have access to a scanner?
Janie Santoy: I have to see if I have one of those scanners
Janie Santoy: or one in the building
Becky Rickly: Do–and if you don't (I bet you will), usually Kinko's can do it
Becky Rickly: our printer at home is also a scanner
Becky Rickly: and a copier
Becky Rickly: it's very cool
Janie Santoy: I was thinking of using one of the Adam Banks chapters in his book Race, RHet and Tech
Becky Rickly: :nods….sounds like a good choice
Janie Santoy: one chapter from Critical Race THeory: An Intro by R. Delgado
Becky Rickly: :nods
Janie Santoy: and then I'll do one more
Janie Santoy: I wanted to choose one which uses narrative as method
Janie Santoy: which is something alternative
Becky Rickly: Ok…that sounds really good, actually
Becky Rickly: :nods.  And vital
Janie Santoy: but they are all books so I have to scan
Becky Rickly: right.  I found it's easier to scan from a copy, rather from the book itself.
Janie Santoy: I'd like to discuss my discussion questions before I lead the discussion
Janie Santoy: just to make sure…
Janie Santoy: is that ok
Becky Rickly: :nods.  that would be a good idea.
Becky Rickly: Bobbie sent me her lesson plan/questions
Becky Rickly: So I think it's a good idea
Janie Santoy: ok, great
Becky Rickly: are you able to keep afloat this semester?
Janie Santoy: ah, I'm trying
Janie Santoy: I just submitted a proposal for dig rhet
Janie Santoy: I had a hard time doing it
Janie Santoy: I am more of a read and simmer and then write type of person
Becky Rickly: Great!  Ahh, sometiems proposals are tough
Becky Rickly: :grins
Janie Santoy: and hard for me to set down on paper what my argument will be
Becky Rickly: I hear you.
Janie Santoy: especially since I wanted to try and concentrate on same topic in both classes
Becky Rickly: Locke takes a lot of simmer time
Becky Rickly: :Nods
Janie Santoy: so I'm concentrating on how race is represented in dig rhet
Janie Santoy: for my paper
Becky Rickly: :nods
Janie Santoy: and doing a lit review on the topic of space in dig rhet
Janie Santoy: so I'm getting there, I think
Becky Rickly: :nods…it sounds like it
Janie Santoy: I've found that taking two classes is good
Janie Santoy: because the readings topics inform each other
Becky Rickly: esp. if they overlap
Janie Santoy: but it is hard to look/read at things and be looking for several arguments at the same time
Janie Santoy: rather than focusing on one
Becky Rickly: :nods.  I can see that
Janie Santoy: and because these two classes are theory classes it has been tough
Janie Santoy: I think if I had one theory one practical class it might be easier
Becky Rickly: I can see that, too.  Theory courses are hard to keep up with by themselves.  If you don't find an overlap, I bet it's nigh to impossible
Becky Rickly: :nods
Janie Santoy: oh, yes…
Janie Santoy: I'm loooking forward to reading for quals though
Janie Santoy: where I can focus
Becky Rickly: My guess is that you'll find you have less reading to do because of classes like these.
Janie Santoy: yes, I'm building my reading list and it is very long already…
Becky Rickly: :grins.
Janie Santoy: I was thinking of doing a discourse analysis of websites for dig rhet
Janie Santoy: but I wanted to find some latino/chicano sites to focus on
Janie Santoy: and I couldn't
Becky Rickly: Really??
Janie Santoy: do you know of any person whom I could contact…
Janie Santoy: i was surprised too
Janie Santoy: I expected to find alot
Becky Rickly: You might contact Priscilla Ybarra, a faculty member here focusing on Chicano/a lit
Janie Santoy: I found some that use hispanic or latino
Janie Santoy: but they are commercial sites
Janie Santoy: or news sites
Becky Rickly: I wonder about bloggers?
Becky Rickly: you can search various blog sites
Janie Santoy: the problem with blogs is that they are hard to find
Janie Santoy: unless you know where to look
Janie Santoy: and now what tags they are using
Becky Rickly: :nods…you almost have to do searches inside various sites
Janie Santoy: there are several discussed in lit but they are dead links
Janie Santoy: not a good sign
Becky Rickly: ouch
Becky Rickly: You might post something to techrhet.  I got to various lists to find info sometimes
Janie Santoy: I'm hoping I can do some networking at  Cs
Janie Santoy: that is a good idea
Becky Rickly: :nods, but I bet we could get started before C's.
Janie Santoy: yes
Becky Rickly: Somehow, I see Rich as an internet Guru, too.  hhave you asked him?
Janie Santoy: will you be at Cs the whole time?
Becky Rickly: i will
Janie Santoy: no, not about that, not yet
Becky Rickly: I'll be there from Wed. to Sun.
Janie Santoy: I would like to set a time for us to chat; maybe meet for dinner or lunch
Becky Rickly: That sounds great.  I've got a bunch of things scheduled so far….can I get back to you on the timing?
Janie Santoy: I don't know if I signed up for that breakfast you recommended
Janie Santoy: what was the name again?
Janie Santoy: I just got some reg. materials yesterday and I need to check them
Becky Rickly: WPA breakfast.  It's on Thursday, and the information is on the WPA list and website…I don't get WPA anymore, though, so I'm not sure when the invite went out
Becky Rickly: :nods..just got her name badge and her certificat thingy to get her hard copy program
Janie Santoy: do you know how hard it is to change workshops after you've signed up
Becky Rickly: ugh, no, but I can only imagine.
Janie Santoy: I signed up for one that sounded really cool but I got prelim details and I'm not so sure anymore and I found one that is a latina networking workshop
Janie Santoy: didn't see that one the first time around
Becky Rickly: ooooh, that would be a great one
Janie Santoy: but I'm not sure who to talk to about changing
Janie Santoy: if to do it now or wait?
Becky Rickly: I'd do it now.  Email Eileen Maley at CCCC
Becky Rickly:
Janie Santoy: thanks
Becky Rickly: If she can't help, she can point you to someone who can.
Janie Santoy: anyway I'll make the best of it either way
Becky Rickly: :nods, and hopes you are able to switch
Janie Santoy: but I do hope someone can help and that its not full already
Becky Rickly: I hope so, too
Janie Santoy: I'll send you the articles as soon as I've pdf'd them
Janie Santoy: thanks for the chat
Janie Santoy: have a good day
Becky Rickly: Any time.  I am really looking forward to reading the info for your day
Becky Rickly: Have a good one!
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Chat with Baehr 3/11

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Janie Santoy: Good morning
docbaehr: Hi Janie
Janie Santoy: do you have a few minutes?
docbaehr: Sure.
Janie Santoy: about the theory paper…
docbaehr: Ok, how's it going?
Janie Santoy: we can discuss the theory or topic which we are focusing our project on?
Janie Santoy: as long as our project extends the discussion
docbaehr: Sure.
Janie Santoy: I'm researching the concept of space
Janie Santoy: but I haven't found anyone beside Saco who really theorizes it
Janie Santoy: do you have any other names that I could turn to
docbaehr: You mean other than some of the other readings we've read.
docbaehr: ??
Janie Santoy: I especially want to focus on it as a social space
Janie Santoy: right
docbaehr: Gurak has a book called Cyberliteracy which deals with space and social issues, partly.
docbaehr: Have you read any of her work?
docbaehr: She publishes pretty consistently in TC journals too.
docbaehr: Not always on the same issue.
Janie Santoy: I have heard her name
Janie Santoy: but not sure I've read her yet
Janie Santoy: I will look her up
docbaehr: Have you tried a database search too?
Janie Santoy: yes, I've done the database search
docbaehr: Thre are books and articles on the issue, it's just you have to hunt around for them.
Janie Santoy: but I keep thining I'm using the wrong terms
docbaehr: Ty Herrington has written some on it but it deals mostly with political notions of online spaces/intellectual property rights.
Janie Santoy: exactly, which is why I wanted a name to start with
docbaehr: There are quite a bit of articles in the mid to late 90s in the TC journals, too, that deal with social space.
docbaehr: I know you're not particularly interested in games, but there's a lot being done about social communities in that area of late.
docbaehr: Welch might be another possibility.
docbaehr: Have you read her book Electric Rhetoric that we had our recent reading from?
Janie Santoy: who?
docbaehr: Kathleen Welch.  She was one of our readings this week.
Janie Santoy: ok, no, I don't have the rest of the book
docbaehr: She actually has an article in the same issue of TCQ that Zappen and Warnick articles are in on physical space.
docbaehr: But it deals more with how the physical space of the computerized classroom affects work done, virtually and otherwise.
docbaehr: Again, I'm just throwing some ideas at you, since I'm not sure which will be most useful to you.
Janie Santoy: well, that is a good place to start
Janie Santoy: I'm sure those sources will lead me to others
docbaehr: Wise has a book called Exploring Technology and Social Space from 1997 that might be of possible interest, too.
Janie Santoy: yes, it seems like I've ordered 10 books in the last several weeks
Janie Santoy: my library keeps growing
docbaehr: Again, some books and articles take more of a political stance, others social, and still others technological.
docbaehr: Saco offers a good treatment of all 3.
docbaehr: That's good.  Well, maybe these few names will help you.
docbaehr: And they probably  have good bibliographies in them that might give you offshoot possibilities.
Janie Santoy: yes, I'm counting on that
Janie Santoy: I also have a question about the project
docbaehr: Sure.
Janie Santoy: I had a really hard time with the proposal
Janie Santoy: I wanted to focus on a theory paper
Janie Santoy: since I'm so close to diss
Janie Santoy: but I had time articulating what I wanted to discuss especially since it feels like the reading that I've done is only the tip of the iceberg
Janie Santoy: I guess my question is how much can the final paper change
Janie Santoy: I'm afraid that I've said I was going to do too much in the proposal
Janie Santoy: and each one of the sections I outlined will be huge I'm sure
docbaehr: Sure, good question.  I would expect most will evolve somewhat beyond the scope. 
docbaehr: If you completely change the topic, then a revised proposal should be submitted.
Janie Santoy: so we can change the topic?
docbaehr: Do you want to change it?
Janie Santoy: I had a really hard time choosing one thing to focus on
Janie Santoy: I was interested in doing a discourse analysis of several sites
Janie Santoy: but I didn't find sites that were good enough
docbaehr: As the new topic or old one?
Janie Santoy: I spent hours looking
Janie Santoy: and I figured I needed to do an analysis of what has been published already
Janie Santoy: so I decided to focus on the theoretical paper
Janie Santoy: but I think the proposal is too big
Janie Santoy: that I will have to focus
docbaehr: Not necessarily, the topic is wide open.  We wrote the description to give you maximum possible choice of topics of your interest.
docbaehr: But yes, I'd rather see you change topic and work on something you're interested in, rather than something that seems too big or uninteresting.
Janie Santoy: at what point would I submit a new proposal then?
Janie Santoy: how soon before the project is due would I have to do that?
docbaehr: When you know what you're going to work on.
docbaehr: I still have to grade your original, as is.
docbaehr: But a revised abstract/description is what I'd need for a topic change.
docbaehr: Not the full proposal, per se. 
docbaehr: But it doesn't affect your grade in any way if you change topics.
docbaehr: It happens sometimes that people want to switch–I just want to know what you're working on.
Janie Santoy: one thing that I didn't include in the proposal because I thought it would be too much is a case study of a specific site
docbaehr: I would think a 1 page revised abstract/description should suffice.
Janie Santoy: but since I hadn't found one I thought was good I didn't include it
Janie Santoy: but I willc ontinue looking and I will add it if possible
docbaehr: Ok, sounds good.
Janie Santoy: I think the whole of idea of commiting to something so early is waht had me nervous
docbaehr: So your new topic will be an extension of your theory paper?
Janie Santoy: I ussually do tons of reading on the subject before I decide what my thesis will be
docbaehr: Well, we only have 8 more weeks.
docbaehr: The semester is half gone.
docbaehr: The point of turning in the proposal at about the halfway point was to give you time to do research and writing.
Janie Santoy: well I want to focus on the discussion of race as presented in online spaces
Janie Santoy: so I want to focus my theory paper on the idea of social space online
docbaehr: Ok, that's a good general topic.  Maybe a piece of your diss.
Janie Santoy: and then focus on race for the project
docbaehr: Or exploring a particular angle or issue, or area of scholarship.
docbaehr: Sure.
Janie Santoy: well, I feel better now that I know I have some flexibility
docbaehr: That's good.
docbaehr: And it makes sense to work on something related to your diss.
docbaehr: Again, ignore what you think is expected in terms of topics and focus on what interests you (related to the course in some meaningful way).
docbaehr: If that helps.
Janie Santoy: I'll keep that in mind as I continue working on this
Janie Santoy: thanks for your help
docbaehr: Anytime.  Have a good day.
Janie Santoy: you too
docbaehr: Hi Janie.
docbaehr: Have time for quick question?
Janie Santoy: ok
docbaehr: I was reading your project proposal and thought about our earlier conversation.
docbaehr: Are you changing the topic of your final project as well, or just the theory paper?
Janie Santoy: no I was asking
Janie Santoy: since I thought I may have bitten off too much
docbaehr: Ok, so no decision on change as of yet.
Janie Santoy: what would happen if I focused on one of those items on my outline
Janie Santoy: instead of trying to do the whole thing
docbaehr: Ok, I just wanted to clarify, if you do change your final project topic, a 1 page revision is needed, but not for the theory paper.
docbaehr: I think you've got some interesting directions in this final project, they just need some development.
Janie Santoy: what was your impression of my proposal?
docbaehr: Particularly the 'raceless' and 'cultural capital' aspects.
docbaehr: Very interesting.
docbaehr: It was good, a bit short, but you've got some strong core ideas.
docbaehr: It's just working out the finer details of your central argument.
docbaehr: You provided a good outline of the project paper, too.
Janie Santoy: the more I read them more I think I can concentrate on the issue of the digital divide for the paper
Janie Santoy: and really focus on the six different types of cultural capital
docbaehr: For example, the issue of race might intersect with online identity, avatar creation, etc.
docbaehr: Or it might focus more on access, ethos, politics, etc.
Janie Santoy: and how those can help us reconceptualize the digital divide
docbaehr: Yes.
docbaehr: Or how it has already in some ways.
docbaehr: Certainly the notion of race, identity, and ethos are different online.
docbaehr: But I like how you've pinned it down somewhat to those two issues.
docbaehr: Just keep working, you're on the right track I think.
docbaehr: I think the notion of raceless threw me a bit, but I think with some explaning, you can develop that idea if you wish.
Janie Santoy: yes, that will be part of the lit review
docbaehr: Great.
Janie Santoy: several scholars have writtena bout that
docbaehr: I look forward to seeing how your argument and paper evolve, too.
docbaehr: But I just wanted to make sure you knew you didn't have to send me anything to change your theory paper topic.
Janie Santoy: ok, thanks
docbaehr: Thanks for the quick chat, bye for now.
Janie Santoy: bye
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March 9 Beyond Anonymity

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The parallels between the problem with identity, which has
been identified in cultural studies, and the problem with anonymity, which
has been identified here – that both are too fixed to recognize the
fragmentation, temporality and contingency of the experiencing subject – suggest that, like cultural studies, internet identity research could benefit
from considering whether there are other conceptual tools which could be
effectively mobilized more, which acknowledge, for example, the distinction
between being and feeling in internet identities, concepts like identification,
affect, ‘as-if ’ and becoming.

While some academics have identified that terms such as ‘anonymity’ are
too simplistic for understanding internet identities (for example, Åkesson,
2001; Baym, 1998) and others have stressed the importance of looking at
contexts (for example, Hine, 2001; Kendall, 1999), very few internet
identity researchers have engaged with contemporary cultural studies debates
about identity. Even fewer have brought all three together, and I propose
that this is what is needed now – for future research to move beyond
anonymity, look at contexts and engage with and learn from the theoretical work that is taking place within cultural studies.

such as affect, identification, nomadic practice,
‘as-if ’ and becoming, might open up new insights and allow for new
conceptual developments within internet identity research in particular, and
new media research in general.

The first is to reflect on how research is conceived and whether
identity remains a useful and illuminating starting point for new media
research. The second is to reflect on the way that empirical material is
analysed and consider whether the alternative notions identified here
provide new methodological and analytical tools, as well as conceptual ones.

March 9 Migrant Digital Stories

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Migrant students can use media
–to empower themselves
–to demonstrate how their new identities are a hybrid of old and new
–reflect their cultural (new and old culture) gender norms

March 9

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Action Research and Cyberethnography

March 8

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Lev Manovich won a Guggenheim award in the area of“new media” for his book The Language of New Media

His book does, however, say that others need to make such arguments, and it also strongly advocates a cultural studies approach, which is enabling and useful for scholars who do the sort of work I do.