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By js, 30 September, 2008, 1 Comment

Chicana/o Rhetorical Strategies: Decolonizing Cultural, Pedagogical, and Technological Spaces

Our panelists will present four distinct Chicana/o rhetorical approaches for Making Waves. In the 60 years since the CCCC has existed, few scholars within our discipline have engaged the rhetorics of Chicanas/os. Furthering the legacy of those who have done work in this Rhetoric of Color, our approaches break new ground and unearth old soils by bringing theoretical, material, institutional, and pedagogical approaches which have long been employed within Chicana/o communities. While our panel will focus on practical, pedagogical matters involving the teaching of writing, especially rhetorical uses of digital technologies in rhetoric and composition classes, we cannot just begin there. We believe a historical and multi-methodological basis for understanding Chicana/o rhetorics is first necessary. Because Chicanas/os come from different kinds of lived experience (racial, gendered, sexual, class, geographic, linguistic) with distinct origins and historical contexts, scholars working within these territories must find protocols of interaction, means of engagement.

Our panel’s final speaker will present rhetorical strategies for intervening into how Chicana/o students “interface” with cyber-technologies. Bringing together Critical Race Theory (Delgado, Matsuda) with ideas taken from Chicana/o Rhetorics (Yosso), this speaker analyzes the ways digital interfaces are developed and put into place on the Web, often in ways which prevent and/or adversely define the presence of ethnic “others” (Kolko, Nakamura, Banks). This speaker will present original qualitative research showing how Chicana/o Rhetorics are used by Chicanas/os to create a counter-discourse and thereby resist digital design mechanisms which work to constrain and/or exclude them from participating in online interactions. She employs an alternative paradigm of “cultural capital” coupled with Critical Race Theory to demonstrate the different rhetorical strategies Chicanas/os utilize to circumvent the limitations of interface design and therefore negotiate an ethnic identity in online spaces.

Our panelists, together, will thus present Chicana/o rhetorical strategies for Making Waves in both theoretical and pedagogical terms which advance our discipline’s understanding of the discursive spaces Chicana/o students and teachers enter inside and outside of academia.


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  • Jaime Armin Mejía

    Hey JJ,

    I think you have everything you need to push this briefer description to whichever length they’re requiring for the Dream Scholars competition. Let’s see you do that and send it along to me when you’re done. Please remind me of when the deadline is so I can focus on helping you. I also have two grad students here who will require my attention, but so far, they’ve not made any attempts to contact me. I hate it that I have to contact them for this process to begin.


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