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Rich [to Janie]: what’s the question(s) to date?
Janie says, “” What rhetorical strategies do Chicana bloggers utilize in their blogs?”
Janie says, ” To what ends are these rhetorical strategies used? ”
Janie says, “that is the specific one I’m starting with”
Time says, “… subconsciously used, I suspect – ja?”
Rich says, “what if the strategies aren’t different than all bloggers?”
Janie says, “I’m not sure…that is part of what I want to find”
Janie says, “maybe there aren’t; but I’m counting that in asking the questions, I’ll find something ;-)
Rich says, “so do you have to study other blogs too then, to compare?”
Janie says, “that’s why it’s a pilot…”
Rich says, “or someone has already done that?”
Janie says, “no comparison done”
Janie says, “but compare what…”
Time says, “Foundational question that comes to mind… What is the rhetorical situation of the (Chicana) blog?”
Time says, “compare similarities in structure, style, topic/content”
Janie says, “I want to look at what they are doing and compare with literature that has been written about chicana identity,etc”
Rich says, “really interesting, actually”
Janie says, “so I guess the ‘research’ question I’m leading to is do the rhetorical needs/strategies discussed ‘offline’ translate to online spaces”
Janie says, “or are they different with different preoccupations”
Time says, “yes, that sounds quite interesting!”
Rich says, “So, possible to narrow that down to one question?”
Janie says, “but I really want to study and see what is happening first what I find before I start imposing categories”
Rich says, “thus the pilot”
Rich says, “so, what’s in the files you sent me just now?”
Rich says, “multiple pilots?”
Time says, “Yes, that makes sense, A sort of grounded theory approach (also what I’m looking at) will help form/code categores from what you find. The pilot would be good for this.”
Rich [to Janie]: are you thinking grounded theory?

So taking the questions above and turning them into one:

How do the rhetorical needs/strategies  of Chicana bloggers for identity construction translate to online spaces.
How do Chicana bloggers negotiate identity construction online.?
What rhetorical strategies do Chicana bloggers use to negotiate identity construction in online spaces?

What does this have to do with Tech Comm?  Hmmm..have to think about this.


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