Skills which can’t be outsourced

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A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future — D. Pink

the six senses according to Daniel Pink needed for success in new economy

from Interview the Daniel Pink

design -create something that has usefulness and meaning and significance. CEOs, Proctor and Gamble, “its all design.” design of waiting room, the prescription bottle,

how do you do that on daily basis; get a design journal/notebook and carry it around, once a day writee an instance of good design and a bad design; all interaction is a design decision; everything has a design decision at the heart of it; help people become literate

story -we need not just facts, finding a fact does not matter as much, put facts in context and deliver them wiith emotional impact; we see world as series of episodes and not logical propositions; story is how we see the world; narration banished as soft, and not serious in our society; it is now migrating into the marketplace; only through story that you build connection, so people feel something and they only want to do something after they feel something; story as a way to move people; not as much as logical or argument but narration; “what happened next?” is the question

symphony –the ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, combine disperate things into something new; best predictor of star performance; see proportion, light/shadow, relationship b/w things, negative space

empathy — needed to move into conceptual right brain; go into someone else’s shoes, see through their eyes;

play — games are the new literature of this generation like movies were the literature of the past generation; nature of gaming is interesting; creating video game, story games, design, empathizing with character, creating something; teaches certain cognitive skills; kids need mixed diet of learning activities

meaning — everyone wants meaning; an audience and validation; can conversations about meaning because of the abundance we are experiencing; we no longer have to fight for survival; generation of baby boomers who are aging and who have time and begin the search for meaning can create powerful impact; why are we here?; what’s it all about?;

those who have these abilities will be flourishing; those who are in the conversation are shaping the experience; it all begins with a few people who are having a conversation which leads to a Conversation


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