Making a new plan

By js, 23 January, 2009, 1 Comment

I’ve been hesitant about jumping in to this work until I know exactly where I’m going.

I don’t think that strategy is going to work for this project. I have to jump in and be confident that things will turn out well.

I’m currently working hard at reorganizing my responsibilities in order to focus the time that I need to prepare for the qualifying exams. I am not teaching more than I have to and I am deligating responsibilities to my assistant chairs.  I was still tempted to step down from being department chair. I hope I don’t have to still take that decision.

So far I’ve contacted one of my participants and have received an affirmative response from her. I am waiting on the second.

I have three very rough draft of the preproposal. The problem with what I have done so far is that each one is taking me in different directions. I am trying to find a way to merge the different interests that I have. I keep thinking that each is a different research project and that I will have to commit to one of the directions. Still part of me is convinced that all the questions are related and getting at something that I am not sure I have articulated yet.

If I keep writing, it is bound to crystallize.


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  • Jaime Armin Mejía

    One could respond more specifically if one knew what these different directions are. I say just move forward and see where it goes and what pans out.

    Also, whatever is going on with the directions that work will take you, your focus should really be on passing the PhD exams first, so whatever turns up with following the directions which you currently have before you, these should be helping you nail down whatever it is you’ll be expected to know for those exams.

    I hope I’m understanding what’s going on here. You first have to take those exams and pass them before being allowed to proceed with the PhD dissertation research and writing. If this is indeed the case, then do what tou need to be doing to pass those exams. Once you get passed that bridge, then begin focusing on the dissertation.


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