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Mami vs. Mommy

By js, 6 August, 2009, No Comment

The discussion of what is a “mommy” and what is “mami” has emerged.

This discussion has been taken up by Mamita Mala in  Mami Vs. Mommy, Mami’hood vs Motherhood and Hermana Resist in

Have you not seen/read/been transformed by the work of my sisters? and BFP in mamihood versus mommyhood

I like Mamita Mala’s description that

Mami based in my Latina/WOC identity, based in the hypersexualization or the diminishing of my sexuality, based because my mami’hood is a fucking community that I am working every damn moment to create and live in not some marketing tool or playdate

Latinos in Social Media

By js, 4 August, 2009, No Comment

latinosinsocialmediaThe more I have been working and reading online the more that I have realized how much Latinos are doing online. Right now there seems to be a concerted effort to try to create  groups that can help support and promote. It’s not only about using the social media but about organizing around it.

There is the Latinos in Social Media on Facebook, a group whose purpose is to form global connections. This group started not very long ago and it alreaydy has over 1600 members. I joined around June 20th and there were not over 100 people in the group. It has grown exponentially. It also has several founders who are helping to promote it. They had a Twitter party recently on Twitter. The invited all their followerers and they had gifts, raffles. I think that is an interesting way to get people there. The objective was to get people to promote themselves and to promote the group itself. Very interesting use of the media.