Latinos in Social Media

By js, 4 August, 2009, No Comment

latinosinsocialmediaThe more I have been working and reading online the more that I have realized how much Latinos are doing online. Right now there seems to be a concerted effort to try to create  groups that can help support and promote. It’s not only about using the social media but about organizing around it.

There is the Latinos in Social Media on Facebook, a group whose purpose is to form global connections. This group started not very long ago and it alreaydy has over 1600 members. I joined around June 20th and there were not over 100 people in the group. It has grown exponentially. It also has several founders who are helping to promote it. They had a Twitter party recently on Twitter. The invited all their followerers and they had gifts, raffles. I think that is an interesting way to get people there. The objective was to get people to promote themselves and to promote the group itself. Very interesting use of the media.

There is also Latinitas latinitas which can be found here and on MySpace. They currently have the magazine out using The image has a link to the current issue. It is currently open to the public and it looks great. It has a very specific audience. Very much a mainstream look but it is certainly not geared for a mainstream audience. This group is helping to formalize the giving of a voice to a group which traditionally have not been heard because they are Latina, they are young, and they are female. This helps to celebrate their culture, their youth, and their gender. Would be interesting to get students to submit work for publication. Great ideas. Now I have to read the issue at some point.

lascomadresOne group that I have been following for a while is Las Comadres It is also a national organization and one that is starting to branch out to become international. That is one that has been using more traditional media like listserves and phone conferencing. What they are doing with that media is still pretty impressive. They organize groups around the country and those groups are growing. This group will soon turn to social media tools, too. How soon they get adopted and what happens when they do is something still yet to be seen.

There are also other groups which are very much marketing directed and trying to harness the purchasing power of the Latino/Hispanic market. What I am liking about these efforts is that this energy is not geared toward the marketing toward Latinos by the mainstream which is set to exploit and profit but the efforts are directed at Latinos themselves. So I am seeing alot of people interested in making money, yes, but also interested in providing services for the community, to help the community and not just to profit from them.

I have seen Latinos and other groups try to organize. The efforts, though, are always quite extensive and they produce somewhat immediate results but usually not long term results. I know that this is one reason why so many people who organize become frustrated. The work must be done over and over with no real cumulative results.

The groups that I am seeing organize are doing so quickly, with conserted effort by a few, but then it impacts so many more people. I’m very excited by what I see thus far.


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