Latinos “Making the Next Generation”

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Sarita E. Brown “Making the Next Generation Our Greatest Resource” pgs 83-100

I first came across Brown’s name when I saw an Excellencia presentation and realized that some of the programs which have been implemented at this campus could qualify for the recognition which Excellencia gives annually.

I also remember watching a recording of a panel presentation in which she participated. The activities which she is involved in demonstrate the conviction of the words in this essay.

Her focus is on education. She says

“Decisive action, guided by clear goals, and sustained commitment, is required to capture the promise of tomorrow offered America by the sheer size and thriving raw talent of the Latino community” (Brown, 84).

Brown cites Steve Murdoch, Texas demographer, to provide evidence of what she terms the “sheer size”

Texas will become less than one-half Ango in the next few eyars and is likely to have a Hispanic majority . . . .This pattern suggests that the State’s future will be increasingly tied to its non-Anglo populations and that the way non-Anglo populations grow and change will largely determine the future of Texas (87)

She also shows how the “raw talent” is not being developed.

In 2003, a mere 4 percent of full-time professors in higher education were Latino.

2003-04, only 3 percent of all U.S. doctoral recipients and just 5 percent of all master’s degree recipients in the United States were Latino.

The academic and intellectual interests of the faculty primarily drive the institution’s curriculum and graduate research agendas….declining numbers of Latinos on college faculties could prompt less rigorous research and fewer contributions to Latino-related studies, disciplines, and research in higher education. This potential risk comes as society’s need for knowledge about this fast-growing, heterogeneous polulation is becoming increasing important. (89)

She has a clear call-to-action.

“Consider your sphere of influence, identify the points of intervention within the educational system where you can make a positive difference, and get to work” (89).

What are you doing, within your sphere of influence, to make a positive difference?


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