Race and Technology

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Over the last 15 years, the percentage and the number of black and Mexican-American students at law schools have fallen.

YouTube. Facebook. The Kindle. Now a tablet. New technology is creating new generation gaps.

« Latinos come to a political and social crossroads in 2010 | Main | 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals finds Washington judicial system guilty of racism »

« 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals finds Washington judicial system guilty of racism | Main | Latin American governments finalize 11-point plan to present to Congress for U.S. immigration reform »

“Social media has helped children become more literate” http://bit.ly/7KNjqg (via @mashable)

Whether Avatar is racist is a matter for debate. Regardless of where you come down on that question, it’s undeniable that the film – like alien apartheid flick District 9, released earlier this year – is emphatically a fantasy about race. …

Critics have called alien epic Avatar a version of Dances With Wolves because it’s about a white guy going native and becoming a great leader. But Avatar is just the latest scifi rehash of an old white guilt fantasy. Spoilers…

RT @alechosterman: RT @seanzdenek: Death and Twitter: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lori-culwell/death-and-twitter_b_395221.html

RT @KetyE: rt @giorodriguez Internet access in US homes reaches 62% in 2007. 48% in Latino homes. http://bit.ly/5JdfBx #latism

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Would a truly reputable national newspaper use the N-word to describe African-Americans? I doubt it. The USA Today article (http://j.mp/5S9wMe) gets it wrong once again by calling immigrant students in …
I usually begin my New Media presentations with an aerial shot of the marches in Chicago in 2006 and state the outrageous but obvious claim: “In 2006 we marched. In 2007 we registered to vote.
Number of black and Latino U.S. users has surged in four years

“[A] majority of Latinos are native-born, are high-school graduates, speak
English as their dominant language, and greatly value higher education.” http://chronicle.com/article/Policy-Makers-Urged-to-Think/49487/

The nation’s success in achieving President Obama’s degree-completion goals depends on its ability to accelerate degree completion by Latino students. Yet misconceptions about Latinos tend to produce a limited education-policy agenda.

RT @kathrynortiz: 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom from Academic Matters – http://bit.ly/5YYRCP via @AddToAny

H. Rheingold “The literacies I consider to be essential today are attention, participation, collaboration, informed consumption, and network savvy. None of these skills are rocket science, or even algebra, but they involve new cognitive routines, media habits, social practices.”


DeanProfessor of Law and Chicana/o Studies, and Mabie-Apallas Public Interest Law ChairUniv. of California, Davis, School of Law• Web Profile• Email Bill O. HingProfessor of LawDirector of Clinical Legal EducationUniv. …

RT @bourdieu: Nazi Racialization of the Jews http://bit.ly/4R02Qn


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