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Reading Mestiz@ Scripts

By js, 9 September, 2008, No Comment

I have just started reading Damian Baca’s Mestiz@ Scripts and once again I find myself learning how much I still need to learn.

Baca covers alot of ground in his book and it may take a second read before I am actually able to articulate what his argument is.

What strikes me thus far is that he focuses on Anzaldua’s texts, only one of which I’ve read and that was a long time ago. I need to go back and reread those. He critizes critics for watering down what Anzaldua says and not really engaging those parts of her argument which are more difficult but which are most critical in helping us to reconceptualize rhetorical possibilities which come from indeginous peoples rather than providing an alternative to dominant western discourse since doing so privileges it and places the indeginous as an “other.”

I think I’m so used to seeing things as binary and it is difficult to wrap my brain around a concept which isn’t binary. For example, if I say that I want to give those who are silenced a voice, don’t I alreadyimplicitly put in power that which has silenced. Similarly, if I am resisting am I not already working within the binary.

Baca (and I think others; I have to read more) argues that Anzaldua wants us to break free of the binary and accept multiplicity without falling into the binary trap.

I remember my gut instinct reaction to her writing was that it certainly created an us/them binary which was very powerful but also contained alot of rage. That rage scared me; it was the same rage that I saw in those around me who experienced the most discrimination, my male gay friends. It was a rage that I really couldn’t understand since I had not experienced overt racism while growing up and I did not yet recognize all the microagressions which I did experience. I wonder what my reaction will be when I reread her work.