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More Focus

By js, 7 September, 2008, No Comment

How are people of color using technology to take control of their representation in online spaces?

are they taking control of their representation?

do they know that they are creating a self-representation

what are their goals in online spaces?

how do they feel/what do they think about representations of themselves which they encounter in online spaces?

why am I interested in all this?

I think that individuals need to be conscious of the fact that they do create a representation of themselves. what happens when there is no representation? what happens when all they do is participate in the representations of others? how does a critical self-aware life in off-line spaces, being politically active or aware, help in creating awareness of the representation? do these bloggers know they are creating a representation of themselves, a representation of themselves as women, a representation of themselves as Chicana/Latinas; do they just want to “express” themselves or is their a conscious construction and manipulation of the image that they create; if so, who is that image for? if they only want to “express” themselves, do they have a clear sense of audience? if they are conscious of their representation, do they have a clear sense of audience?

this is what my question points to but I feel like I still need to think about it.