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Rethinking Race and Cyberspace

By js, 6 September, 2008, No Comment

Just reread my seminar paper for Digital Rhetoric Race and Cyberspace

and I am seeing what my concerns were. I’m going to try to detail them below:

  • what research is there on people of color and technology?
    • most research has to do with the digital divide
  • what is the problem with research on digital divide
    • it helps to create a rhetoric of deficiency
    • though it does point to inequality, it gives us a sense of what people DONT have which then closes off those avenues to research
    • this is supported by the dearth of research on POC and their use of technologies
    • they also construct the POC as passive; they are not constructing their own representation but are being represented
  • the only people studying how POC use technology are
    • some POC scholars
    • industry backed studies which seek to know how to reach consumers
    • again being represented as passive; not constructing their own representation
  • so studies about POC are not about how they are constructing themselves but generally  point to them not constructing their own representations but are being represented/constructed online by majority users and by scholars