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Race and Technology

By js, 13 January, 2010, No Comment
Over the last 15 years, the percentage and the number of black and Mexican-American students at law schools have fallen.
YouTube. Facebook. The Kindle. Now a tablet. New technology is creating new generation gaps.
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Race and Class Matters at an Elite College

By js, 12 September, 2008, No Comment

Interesting book by Elizabeth Arias…. adding it to the list

My study shows racial stereotypes to be prevalent on campus (e.g., blacks are less intelligent than whites, blacks have more athletic talent than whites, blacks are poor/whites are rich) but that the development of cross-race relationships and interactions inside and outside the classroom can make an important contribution in breaking down these stereotypes and changing students’ notions about race. The potential for learning from a racially diverse community, however, was not realized for many students.

Two other important findings about race pertain to whites’ misperception and lack of knowledge about blacks. Many whites tend to see black students to be self-segregating. When black friends eat together at tables in the dining hall, or hang out together in groups, whites take notice. Yet no one comments on the tables of whites eating together in the dining hall or on whites hanging out together on campus. The students showing the greatest degree of self-segregation are white. White students reported on average that two-thirds of their close friends were white, but only a third of black students’ close friends were black. In addition, many whites saw black students on campus as a homogeneous group, and were relatively unaware of the divides between black students: divides in social class; in the centrality of race to identity; in whether they are African American, Caribbean American, or African; in preferences for “black” forms of dress and music or “black” forms of speech; and in their experiences with racism in society. My study highlights the importance of these differences and how they are being negotiated between blacks.

Rethinking Race and Cyberspace

By js, 6 September, 2008, No Comment

Just reread my seminar paper for Digital Rhetoric Race and Cyberspace

and I am seeing what my concerns were. I’m going to try to detail them below:

  • what research is there on people of color and technology?
    • most research has to do with the digital divide
  • what is the problem with research on digital divide
    • it helps to create a rhetoric of deficiency
    • though it does point to inequality, it gives us a sense of what people DONT have which then closes off those avenues to research
    • this is supported by the dearth of research on POC and their use of technologies
    • they also construct the POC as passive; they are not constructing their own representation but are being represented
  • the only people studying how POC use technology are
    • some POC scholars
    • industry backed studies which seek to know how to reach consumers
    • again being represented as passive; not constructing their own representation
  • so studies about POC are not about how they are constructing themselves but generally  point to them not constructing their own representations but are being represented/constructed online by majority users and by scholars